How it works?

Pay and Get Paid Fast with iTruckPay

Step One:

Complete an application form
on our website

Apply for iTruckPay online.  We will send our on boarding documentation via e-mail within 15-30
minutes from the time of your submission.  Read the on boarding materials and gather all necessary information for iTruckPay follow up.

Step Two:

Our manager will contact you
to cover the on boarding process

Once your online application is submitted, a member of the  iTruckPay team will call to cover all necessary steps and authorizations to start on the platform.  

Step Three:

Receive your account information and transaction processing dashboard.

Once paperwork is complete, you will receive instant access to our merchant processing dashboard.  Easy to use and configure, once on board you will have the ability to send and receive payments simply and easily. Support is provided via email or via phone during normal business hours.

Offering industry leading merchant services that are low cost and benefit those in the logistics industry.  

iTruckPay is the right choice for carriers, independent truckers and brokers.